Mission & Vision


Mission & Vission of the College 

A degree is an award given based on completion of a series of requirements. Most students attend the University to earn a degree. In simplified terms, a degree is an award given based on completion of specific requirements. ... Many students choose to pursue multiple degrees at the same time. & mission of Ideal Degree College is to teach the new emerging areas in graduation as Intellectual property.

The main vision of the college is to make valuable education in modern era.

Legal education plays a vital role in nation building as it facilitates settlement of disputes by the procedure established by law in peaceful manner. Rule of law is the basic feature of the constitution of India and quality legal education is sine qua non ( Something absolutely essential ) to facilitate it. Therefore ,it is essential for the youth to receive the legal education as it would make them understand the relevance and significance of democratic values. Baljit Kumar Brij Rani Educational Trust initiated Ideal Degree College as a part of this mission of providing quality legal education . Avadh law strives for student’s academic and extracurricular activities .

Careers after Graduation

After completion of graduation there is broad opportunity in different field where student want to choose. Student may sekect further P.G program or can go for different preperation in different background.


Library: Library is the ‘heart and soul’ of any academic institution of higher learning. It plays a significant role in the institution’s excellence. Therefore, our Library has an excellent and latest collection of text books, reference books. On Line Access: Computer work stations, are placed in the library hall for the student to browse legal resources .


Consists of highly qualified teachers according to the norms of demand of modern education demand. Teachers have minimum 5-6 yeras of experience. Here highly valuable eduction deliverd by Proffers.

Play Ground

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” College provide adequate facilities for sporting activities like Badminton, Volley ball, Basket ball and Foot ball. Sports & games are given preference in order to keep our students fit and fine. “Sound mind in a sound body.”


Hostel accommodation along with lodging facilities can be made available to the students at nominal rates.

Computer Education

To keep the student abreast with the latest information, the college also provides computer learning programme at nominal charges.

Health & Hygiene

Highest Standards of hygiene & cleanliness are maintained only Aqua Guard filtered water is provided to the students.


Deserving candidates will be offered scholarships through